About School

S.F.Sr.Sec.School is a Senior Secondary School, Affiliated to Rajasthan Board. To cater the needs all the groups of society, it offers a unique education system; it provides ample opportunities for all round development of the child, through its carefully designed Co-curricular activities and stress free environment, congenial to natural growth of the child. The school lays special emphasis on Indian culture and moral education. We expect our product to be-disciplined, self-reliant, fearless and responsible in all respects. The school aims to prepare the child’s responsible citizen of India with a sense of integrity and honesty. The school is determined to work in co-operation with parents and the community and desire to share the responsibility of bringing up each student to such a level that he/she finds position in the society.


A child’s mind is one of the most wonderful creations of God. To nourish and to develop it in a right way is a sensitive and rewarding task that S.F.Sr.Sec.School has undertaken. The objectives of S.F.Sr.Sec.School are as follows:

  • To provide congenial and fearless atmosphere to the child.
  • To give education to all irrespective of caste, creed and colour, in an atmosphere of purity, efficiency, discipline and Indian culture with special emphasis on character building.
  • To impart value based education through thoughtfully designed educational programmes, cultural activities, co-curricular activities, games & sports.
  • activate academic excellence through a team of dedicated teachers from all
    over the country.
  • To develop integrity and fullness of versatile character in the child.
  • To provide training to buildup leadership.
  • To inculcate awareness for maintaining environmental purity and ecological
  • To develop qualities of a good human being like respect for the parents &
    elders, compassion, truthfulness, honesty etc.
  • To provide to the country, a future generation with enriched qualities of